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Eschatological Group

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Washing Off The Fear

Written By: DJ Escho

I remember as a teenager I used to attempt to engage in coping mechanisms to fight depression. These mechanisms have been taught to me by doctors, therapists and just simplistic advice from older people who I might have had trust in. Today, I realize that the only real way to beat depression is to one: Accept that this feeling that you have believing to be overtaken by depression is a problem and two: You have to get to know what the problem really is and where it stems from.
I believe not all humans were created equal but all humans can do the one same thing and that is, after knowing what your problem is, accept that you have the power to change it. This power is inside of you and has always been since birth.
I remember when I was 21 and I was fit, happy and didn’t have a worry in the world. I was so loving towards every one from my family, friends and even strangers to the troubled and even criminals. I came to a stop sign in my life that took me for a peculiar ride. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I began to believe that people didn’t like me due to these obscure responses that I would get from people after talking to them. I would perhaps make a mistake in their mind when speaking or performing some kind of action that would cause them to immediately react negatively towards me. I couldn't understand why I felt as though all this black thinking from people made me fall so hard and then after all that negative acceptance, I began to look at my idiosyncrasies as a threat to my life. Whether they were quarks or just physical imperfections, this process of self destruction lead me to enter in a severe state of depression. I began to worry and either one year gain weight from escaping into over eating, become completely enveloped in drinking and drugs to losing weight from starving myself.
One day, I was walking from a friend's family gathering and as I walked past this window, I looked at my self and saw something not acceptable. I thought in my mind that this was the reason why I thought people had hated me. To be honest the only reason why I began to fall prey to all these lies in my head was because I had surrounded my self with people who didn’t believe or didn’t share the same vision as me. If some did, I wouldn't doubt that they probably felt as though this road to succession in their visions and ideals would be so far away and to walk that road would be a burden. Now, as they see me walking happily on this road that they reject, it is quite easy for them to attempt to stop my mission. So every time I would open my mouth, they would either mock me or just ignore me. This is what led me to think that they were the ones who had the right of way. I was so wrong. I fought and I failed and I came to so much loss because I never stopped to think that maybe, just maybe my happiness and my ideas and my heart was sufficient for people and life. I just had to find the right people and why? You see I believe I was made to help people and I was made to just live as an en-sample to men, women, children and elders.

Today I live happier and more sure about who I am and what my purpose is than I ever have. How did I get out of this funk that kept me mentally bound to the mindless chatter in the air? Well, I know that it wasn’t on my own strength and I know for certain that any one can do what I did and even better and faster. I can sit here and give you made up theoretics on "how to" but if you picture depression as a bully and you muster up the will and the courage to stand up to this ugly and unloving bully you will come to know for certain with out a shadow of a doubt in your mind, that depression is always brought on by fear. Fear is the only cause of depression. Fear is F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal and it is a real battle. Allow me to encourage you today to become intimate with this thought. A perfect Love casts out all fear. Love is perfect. Us humans, we mess up and boy sometimes I mess up real bad but one thing I am complete in my mind and in my heart about is that Love is perfect and it teaches us and watches us. Love is free and if we accept love for its perfecting existence, then we can let go of the fears which is the tie that binds us to depression. I know that music is a part of a tool that I use. I now listen to love songs mostly and there are so many musicians that write truths in there song lyrics. So I would say positive music that speaks truth is love and that love will motivate you to let go of the fear that lies to our minds and keeps us in bondage. Get up! Wash off the fear today my friends and accept love for being perfect and love everyone regardless of the race, color, creed, religion, or financial status. Love is for everyone and it can change your life. Real love wins, always…

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