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Eschatological Group

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Pizza So Close To Home

Written By:
Crispen Eschobar

Being a New Yorker, I don't think even pizza in Florida comes close to that Brooklyn Pizza taste. I never thought chillen in the country or in the south that I would or could ever find Pizza so close to home. I was going for a walk with friends in Fallsburg, OH when we stumbled upon a nice place called FALLSBURG PIZZA. I could smell such an alluring scent from outside of the place that I had to just go in. I met the owners Vaughan and Lina Richards which was a delight. I was served a personal pizza by Linda, prepared by Vaughan of onions and musrooms and loads of cheese. Man, that was just right up my alley. The cheese and the sauce complimented each other as if I was right in Brooklyn or even Hoboken, NJ where the pizza is also great. I said to myself, "I could eat ten of these," but I was satisfied and was happy that my friends and I stumbled across this wonderful place.

Vaughan and Linda told me how they came upon owning this nice pizza restaurant. Vaughn, originally from New Jersey, told me how in 1976 finding work was a peculiar task with so much politics going on, he just wanted a normal life where you could work for what you know and not who you know. Vaughan left Jersey and headed for Ohio where he worked as a manager of Ponderosa Steak House then later became a police officer in the town of Newark in Ohio. There in Newark in 1993 Vaughan met his sweetheart for life, Linda. Now Vaughan and Linda Richards own and run Fallsburg Pizza which I have to say including Lancaster, Newark and other cities in OH, Fallsburg Pizza is the best pizza in all of Ohio and none of the chain pizza places can hold a candle to Fallsburg Pizza. This is Crispen Eschobar signing off. "Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest and if you are ever in Fallsburg OH go to Fallsburg Pizza located on 11550 fallsburg rd. Beautiful scenery and beautiful tasting pizza.

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