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Eschatological Group

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Pizza So Close To Home

Written By:
Crispen Eschobar

Being a New Yorker, I don't think even pizza in Florida comes close to that Brooklyn Pizza taste. I never thought chillen in the country or in the south that I would or could ever find Pizza so close to home. I was going for a walk with friends in Fallsburg, OH when we stumbled upon a nice place called FALLSBURG PIZZA. I could smell such an alluring scent from outside of the place that I had to just go in. I met the owners Vaughan and Lina Richards which was a delight. I was served a personal pizza by Linda, prepared by Vaughan of onions and musrooms and loads of cheese. Man, that was just right up my alley. The cheese and the sauce complimented each other as if I was right in Brooklyn or even Hoboken, NJ where the pizza is also great. I said to myself, "I could eat ten of these," but I was satisfied and was happy that my friends and I stumbled across this wonderful place.

Vaughan and Linda told me how they came upon owning this nice pizza restaurant. Vaughn, originally from New Jersey, told me how in 1976 finding work was a peculiar task with so much politics going on, he just wanted a normal life where you could work for what you know and not who you know. Vaughan left Jersey and headed for Ohio where he worked as a manager of Ponderosa Steak House then later became a police officer in the town of Newark in Ohio. There in Newark in 1993 Vaughan met his sweetheart for life, Linda. Now Vaughan and Linda Richards own and run Fallsburg Pizza which I have to say including Lancaster, Newark and other cities in OH, Fallsburg Pizza is the best pizza in all of Ohio and none of the chain pizza places can hold a candle to Fallsburg Pizza. This is Crispen Eschobar signing off. "Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest and if you are ever in Fallsburg OH go to Fallsburg Pizza located on 11550 fallsburg rd. Beautiful scenery and beautiful tasting pizza.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Isms & The Existential

Written by DJ Escho

I truly believe isms to hold no water to the existential. Life is a manifestation gift of a being having the ability to speak life to exist, that which does not exist. Only one being can perform this action and it is not human, but has already become human. This is the infinite and humans now have the opportunity to become this perfection if they were to touch this way. Not a change for those out there who believe that but a release of dark residue that clouds are steps and yet leads us to muck where here on earth we are stuck left wondering how these things happen to us but if we pay attention to something the general public calls Karma, well basically every thought you allow in your mind is a track that you set your life upon and we if you don't bring your mind to this kind of intimacy. This being love, is how the cosmos and all that exists were created, and remains to exist at this moment but if you don't bring it their,your individual thought pattern, then the darkness shall over take your life on earth as it already is in the cosmos when you agree to dark thoughts.

The minute that a person is certain about something that does not attain ability to manifest life through words of love, then that person is in danger of following a lie. These kinds of people are in danger of facing extinction. Since the beginning of time we have had so many chances to make things right with mankind and the infinite but now there seems to have been a change in the cosmos. The universe seems to have taken action in regards to the earth and its negative push. This negative push has caused a compressing of space and time and is now causing the universe to crush itself. Just imagine, if these actions started with just lies, then I wonder what would be the worst possible outcome with all the corruption on earth. Destruction and all the natural disasters all coming together may be but one could not be sure, only follow along. Once the interaction of human and lie have become a conjunction then this gives existence chance for more fail and the need a sacrifice because humans cause a flow of this failure and can without intention lead a mass of people to this very same lie, until someone else is able to redirect that human and or all humans back to that which is truth. Only that someone could be a sacrifice so that people can touch a metonioatic anacroni. This then will a human be cleansed from the intimacy with dark energy and or dark matter.

If humans give existence a chance for fail and the growth of it , then existence is in danger of becoming extinct. This process is called the cosmological constant. Humans do have the ability to redirect other humans to truth only because of the fact that Love has manifested itself into a human at one point in time and has performed the greatest act of love which no human has ever had the power to do. The only being that can redirect humans from that which is a lie to that which is truth must be born first of a cosmological existence on earth. This First Born of the infinite is the existential, this is love. Humans cannot be born of the cosmological existence because they were born as human on earth. However, humans can have a rebirth of themselves from lie to truth. This rebirth then gives humans the ability to speak that which does not exist to exist and to cease all works of dark matter and dark energy assigned by the abyss where the energy which is called the prince of darkness, the son of the morning now abides until further action by the infinite. The only way to revers all of this is by unity. If we embrace an eschatological frame under the mind of the infinite and further build a colony of a people to be redirected from a lie to truth, then we can all live in unmerited favor. This is why there is only one first born and this first born remains to exist and is the ultimate super power of all that exists.

Fear in the essence does not exist in truth because it is the opposing factor of love and it gives birth to hate and hate gives birth to perversions and perversions gives birth to fornication and this is known as transgression which ignites the cosmological constant bringing curse to the terrestrial, adding spiritual death and bringing existence closer and closer to extinction. As something that is not able to live in the infinite is held up as a false truth by something or someone that exists, makes an ism. People who do not understand will follow this out of weakness and believe this ism to be true. This is the exacta to engaging in a process of extinction. The existence of something that remains in a lie eventually becomes inexistent as far as what happens after that well, that which exist continues without suffers greatly but those who follow a lie are going to suffer because right now as you read this, there are so many suffering either in a fire or freezing place made for the energies whom have rejected the first born and wanted the throne of the infinite.

How could something that is false even exist to those that exist unless they have given themselves as slaves to fear. Are those who follow Love, because Love is the truth, the exacta of perfection. This is for certain then that isms fail and why should we follow a failing thing. How do we know how to distinguish from ism and true existence but in love. There was a movement to attempt to empower the state of extreme logic and the state of the secularism all across the world. This movement was not a religion or a governing sect or any popular group but men of the highest wealth who knew something that has been hidden and continued to hide it for the growth of their wealth and control, power and freedom to uphold the practices of dark matter and dark energy. However, those in power at the time have set a precedence to the searching of the existential and locked away information that was able to free the minds of sickness and disease. These men have yielded to dark matter and dark energy have made it so that the normal every day people of the world would struggle and only exhaust themselves to the point of not being able to keep peace. Due to the confusion, so many people searched for truth from time passed over and over again and now it has developed in to sects and religions because it made so many people feel good, so they engaged in it and redirected to the seducing of people on earth to making this a G-d. People behaved seemingly at one point and were not out of control. The lie was that people were out of control so they needed a governing sect to lead them to civility. The number of people before the United States was created, who governed themselves were of a high calculation and did not need governing. Now there is so much separation and hate because of fear from failing and wanting to be against the infinite when finite formed and began to exist. This is called the beginning. Isms are an ugly canker worm eating existence. Religion is destruction and its cruel to give someone this type of option to fixing problems like poverty. When you can release yourself from these isms and grasp the existential then you and only you will be a true light to people because you will really understand and know what true love is and how it works. The existential is all we have and it will lead us together and may reverse the cosmological constant. Fortunately, for the people of earth, many years ago the planets aligned and the first born of the infinite came to be on earth. This first born is the only way to the infinite life and not infinite death but dark matter and dark energy entices and seduces and if you follow it and obey it then you will not only bring sickness and disease but death and then infinite death which is to become extinct. I warn you today! Walk away from dark matter and dark energy and come into the light which is love. Deny yourself and embrace the first born of the cosmos because it is our last hope for existence. This first born is the existential. Come into the light and you will get to the infinite. If you deny the first born of the infinite, then you are already becoming inexistent. Its the only way, this is love...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Washing Off The Fear

Written By: DJ Escho

I remember as a teenager I used to attempt to engage in coping mechanisms to fight depression. These mechanisms have been taught to me by doctors, therapists and just simplistic advice from older people who I might have had trust in. Today, I realize that the only real way to beat depression is to one: Accept that this feeling that you have believing to be overtaken by depression is a problem and two: You have to get to know what the problem really is and where it stems from.
I believe not all humans were created equal but all humans can do the one same thing and that is, after knowing what your problem is, accept that you have the power to change it. This power is inside of you and has always been since birth.
I remember when I was 21 and I was fit, happy and didn’t have a worry in the world. I was so loving towards every one from my family, friends and even strangers to the troubled and even criminals. I came to a stop sign in my life that took me for a peculiar ride. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I began to believe that people didn’t like me due to these obscure responses that I would get from people after talking to them. I would perhaps make a mistake in their mind when speaking or performing some kind of action that would cause them to immediately react negatively towards me. I couldn't understand why I felt as though all this black thinking from people made me fall so hard and then after all that negative acceptance, I began to look at my idiosyncrasies as a threat to my life. Whether they were quarks or just physical imperfections, this process of self destruction lead me to enter in a severe state of depression. I began to worry and either one year gain weight from escaping into over eating, become completely enveloped in drinking and drugs to losing weight from starving myself.
One day, I was walking from a friend's family gathering and as I walked past this window, I looked at my self and saw something not acceptable. I thought in my mind that this was the reason why I thought people had hated me. To be honest the only reason why I began to fall prey to all these lies in my head was because I had surrounded my self with people who didn’t believe or didn’t share the same vision as me. If some did, I wouldn't doubt that they probably felt as though this road to succession in their visions and ideals would be so far away and to walk that road would be a burden. Now, as they see me walking happily on this road that they reject, it is quite easy for them to attempt to stop my mission. So every time I would open my mouth, they would either mock me or just ignore me. This is what led me to think that they were the ones who had the right of way. I was so wrong. I fought and I failed and I came to so much loss because I never stopped to think that maybe, just maybe my happiness and my ideas and my heart was sufficient for people and life. I just had to find the right people and why? You see I believe I was made to help people and I was made to just live as an en-sample to men, women, children and elders.

Today I live happier and more sure about who I am and what my purpose is than I ever have. How did I get out of this funk that kept me mentally bound to the mindless chatter in the air? Well, I know that it wasn’t on my own strength and I know for certain that any one can do what I did and even better and faster. I can sit here and give you made up theoretics on "how to" but if you picture depression as a bully and you muster up the will and the courage to stand up to this ugly and unloving bully you will come to know for certain with out a shadow of a doubt in your mind, that depression is always brought on by fear. Fear is the only cause of depression. Fear is F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal and it is a real battle. Allow me to encourage you today to become intimate with this thought. A perfect Love casts out all fear. Love is perfect. Us humans, we mess up and boy sometimes I mess up real bad but one thing I am complete in my mind and in my heart about is that Love is perfect and it teaches us and watches us. Love is free and if we accept love for its perfecting existence, then we can let go of the fears which is the tie that binds us to depression. I know that music is a part of a tool that I use. I now listen to love songs mostly and there are so many musicians that write truths in there song lyrics. So I would say positive music that speaks truth is love and that love will motivate you to let go of the fear that lies to our minds and keeps us in bondage. Get up! Wash off the fear today my friends and accept love for being perfect and love everyone regardless of the race, color, creed, religion, or financial status. Love is for everyone and it can change your life. Real love wins, always…