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Eschatological Group

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No, i dooeee i dooeee

Written by:
DJ Escho

Giving is the greatest action. Giving's power brings the receiving factor away from dark energy because dark energy is the enemy of giving but it is a defeated foe. Dark energy was defeated by the sacrificing of the first born of heaven, the infinite, the cosmos, therefore, it can't stop giving but run away from the presence of the act of giving because it cannot stand in the presence of Love which is the only pure thing. Giving changes the flow of your base surrounding in the Universe from that present time until you retract the light. Giving's birth is you. You are the residue of the birth of giving. Life is a gift from the infinite giving birth to the cosmos and life and earth and humans and animals and plant life and bugs and air and the clouds and the sun and the moon and ever fiber and element existing today. because it was the first action of existence which manifested creation in the cosmos.

Lets take this time to give. Not just a little here and there but always even if it is a little at a time because everything we get is from Love, the ultime light energy which is the only and greatest power of all existence.

There are times we think to give and then we say, Oh, now that I've given this giving of my last whatever, I think I'm going to hold on to it because I wont have it later. Maybe I will give a portion." This is what keeps us from having more of what G-d has for us. I mean really G-d is taking care of you and you don't need to hear what I say, or do you...

This giving of your time treasure and talent is G-d's giving to people from your obeience to him for what, only your family, friends and neighbors? NO, but to EVERYONE! Don't miss out on more of what can open your eyes more. The magical side of it is amazing and great to have witnessed in one's lifetime. An individual of any walk, any way, any orientation, any religion. I don't care if you are a man, woman or a child. Children are not dumb, so they will do what they see you doing. Teach them right and you will see the hand of G-d move greater and greater with the newer generation.

GIVING IS A FORM OF PRAISE TO G-D, it is the way to see G-d's exceeding and great glory.

Give and you will get it all back and so much more because it all belongs to love, the greatest light and greatest and only power energy...


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Chelle L said...

It is all about LOVE and giving, and you obviously are a giver, from a pure heart. We have to give until it hurts...Yeshua said we have to go beyond what people ask (carrying someone's pack, etc.). I love how you expressed yourself here about how the flow of giving works. Yah bless.