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Eschatological Group

Friday, December 9, 2011

Spit'n Love from A - Z

Written by:
DJ Escho

I have to say that returning home from my journey down south is well worth it, especially last night. The Captain aka Jimmy C and I and all had some crazy fun and I met some cool peepz. You know they say that the world is your oyster but I didn't think that it would be anything like this. G-d has given me an extra blessing by taking me to Mcfaddens in Bayonne, NJ. Talk about a sound emporium that this show brought to me just by showing up. It was a night of talent sharing called Organyzed Micz hosted by IN HOUSE UNIT & none other than EisMe DaHost PatienoMics aka Ely M. Cartagena along with mi sangre DJ KO spinnin it on the 1 & 2's for all the people that came out to share there time, treasure and talent. I just wana give a big shout out to DJ KO because we been through it in life together since dyper dayz ;.)

My experience was profound. During the beginning of the show, the people were packing it in with eager anticipation. I saw alot of good ol folks from the past and reminiscing and sparking up nostalgia with my friends and neighbors from back in the day. DJ KO was grovin and Geedeep aka Geedah Burgess, gave it a nice flame to set off the crowd at Mcfaddens on 20th Street between Broadway and Ave E in Bayonne. Geedeep spoken word is fab and his piece called "Natural Me" let me know that this brotha's mind is no fool's playground. What an intelligent and warm hearted individual. His love is definitely not from earth and I am blessed to make myself known to this man. G-d bless Geedeep...

I had a great pleasure of seeing a good friend from the past, (((((SPADE MAN))))) who most definitely brought it to the mic last night with his hit single "More Than Rap", NO QUESTION! You see yall, DJ Escho was the lead singer of Imbrued America back in the day and Spade Man was our first producer; so to speak but it was all good and Spade Man is still doin his thang. Big up to Spade Man and you can catch him on facebook along with all the artists.

Wallace aka Professa Blunt, mah dude from way back bangn on 19th street brought his comedic talent to Organyzed Micz, had us all rollin talkin about losing your job to mexicans because US MEXICANS CAN! Still, Wallace is funny as funny gets and he will have yo azz in a state of hysteria. Wallace will most likely come back to Organyzed Micz which will be held every Thursday night under IN HOUSE UNIT & Ely Cartagena and DJ KO spinnin crazy nasty beatz fo yo enjoyment.

On the come up rap group BLOCK BANG under Stepping Stone Records gave a rock hard performance with their hit "MARIA" Block Bang consists of a three man group making their way in Buddaville Bayonne:
Cally Peterson
Dappa Don
Morris Johnson
All interest in Block Bang music, please visit

I was also pleased to hear some amazing freestyle from up an coming artist VIZION. I have not heard freestyle like that in a long time and I must say that mahnik was doin it on the mic like he didn't even give a shyt. Like, what the fudge man, his best to my ears was just him fuq'n witcha. I could imagine this kid studying eschatology or celluloid engineering and rappin to that, man if I had my own record company I would sign him without question and that goes for Spade Man but Spade is his own universe ;.)

Well folks, this is not all but for now please be a dear to your self and love everyone around you and once in a while give a look up in the sky and give G-d the praise y'all. What ever religion or non believer you iz, love everyone with unmerited favor always and the gift of love will most certainly be returned to you.

IN HOUSE UNIT, Ely and DJ KO: I gotcha backs yo! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL...

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Chelle L said...

Sounds like a fun group...glad you got to make that trip. Hope I can meet some of your friends and people that inspire you, one day, Yah willing.