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Eschatological Group

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Written By: Gail Chasin

So what makes one think that the person who inspires and drives you doesn’t have a deep connection with you? Do you think that in helping and giving of her experience, strength, hope and wisdom that true caring of the Muse isn’t equally experienced?

It happens rarely, for a Muse’s job is to detach with love and let the person move on to integrate all that’s been shared. What they do with it, is frankly, none of the Muse’s business. However, once in a great while, there is a true God/Love connection that develops and grows like a rose between the two. Velvety petals of rich color shine in the eyes yet just below, the thorns wait for you to accidentally prick yourself to get your attention. It’s not a bad thing - it’s just there to remind you that life’s events are not necessarily an easy or straight path.

However, once the line is crossed from Muse to Lover, the edges can become blurred and confusion and crossed boundaries remind her that love is a responsibility.

The Muse wonders if the original context of the relationship can be restored – and if it even should continue. She sometimes feel like the lighthouse in a raging sea…shining in the dark so that the seeker will not crash and burn, for the priority is to make sure to the best of her ability that the person leaves safely, with a better attitude, a new hope for their future and with a deeper sense of themselves. It is a selfless act. The Muse remembers that her job is to be a vessel of God and that some roads will continue to be an ongoing process while others move on. At the point of acceptance she knows that we are all ONE and she cannot help herself from continuing to give - all the while trying not to losing herself in the process.

This troubled world and the discord and chaos is felt by everyone on the planet, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously and human beings cannot help but be affected energetically on some level by other's pain. It is the Muse’s responsibility to leave her comfort zone and reach out, yet keeping a sense of her self at the same time, so as not to give biased, judgmental or opinionated information. Her focus, no matter how she personally feels, is always the higher path – not an easy thing to do sometimes.

Great songs, poetry and writings throughout history have been inspired and created from this very place, and sometimes the comfort zone becomes boring and non-challenging to her personal growth, so the Muse, who MUST continue to grow in order to be effective, goes through the pain of growth just as anyone would. There is no going backward and no regrets – there is just no getting away from it and willingness is the key to shifting and moving forward for her.

I am that Muse. I am human. I am vulnerable. But I am of God and I do not fear floundering or making mistakes because the alternative is stagnation. Jesus died for me so I am absolved.

How much of yourself can YOU give?

Are YOU someone’s Muse?

What will YOU do with your opportunities?

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Chelle L said...

This is so beautiful, Gail. I can relate because I long ago asked God to have me help others somehow, didn't care how as long as it brought others to Him and helped people along the way. I mean, sure...we all want to be used in the way that we would like, but it doesn't often work out that way, and the rare moments it has makes me appreciate it all the more if I can have a little sliver of happiness of my own. The day I said that prayer, my life was not my own, but despite pain and trials, I see such beauty in giving up one's life to be a servant and helper, as Jesus came to be a servant and not be served, when He came to earth. Once we see ourselves as vessels to be moved around by God as He wills, it takes away the struggle and we can rest in knowing He will place us just where He wants us, to be used as part of the patchwork quilt. Okay, I totally mixed my metaphors there, but long story short, I relate and thanks for posting this.